02 February 2007

Supporting Disabled Sport

COUNT ME IN is a campaign designed to give disability sport a bigger voice in this country. The organisers of the campaign, the English Federation of Disability Sport, need 10,000 names before the end of March 2007. If this amount of names is secured, disability sport is assured a high profile in the media for reaching the target. Please show your support and register by logging onto www.efds.net and clicking on the REGISTER YOUR SUPPORT link. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHOOSE DSE IN THE REGION SECTION.

Pictured is possibly the greatest disabled swimmer of all-time Natalie Du Toit, who was voted 48th in the prestigious Greatest South African poll.

Thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

I'll do that mate - and I'll send it on as well.

Ellee said...

I hope they make it, they always seem to enjoy it so much on TV.