04 February 2007

Winnable Midlands Seats Coming Up For Selection

West Midlands Conservatives blog will be providing details on the selection process for five interesting seats that are coming up. All five deserve excellent candidates who are in it to win. Warwick & Leamington is ultra-marginal and needs to go blue next time.

Coventry North-West is the home seat of scandal-ridden millionaire Geoffrey Robinson. He's nearly 70. Will he stand again? North Warwickshire needs an 8% swing, but it was Tory until 1992 and could swing hard. I've previously blogged on Birmingham Northfield and on Birmingham Selly Oak here and here.


Stan Bull said...

Robinson still has a majority of close to 10,000 in Coventry North-west. Hardly marginal.But then again Broon is not likely to offer Robinson a ministerial position after what happened last time. Robinson might well call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Tough part of the world for the tories imho!

Average guy on the street said...

I'm interested in how Warwick and Leamington goes as that is the constituency that Warwick uni Conservatives have the closest links with (many of us live there and our chairman is an active member of the local association). I expect that I will be blogging about W&L in the run up to the election if anyone is interested.