04 February 2007

Game Over?

I have rearranged the deckchairs links in my sleazewatch sidebar. Following today's News Of The World exclusive, John McTernan has been promoted to top billing.

Just started a poll based on a clever comment over at Guido's place. Join in. And Grauniad was voted reader's favourite blogging term shading out astro-turfer.


Stan Bull said...

While the Blairite machine is intent on attacking the honours inquiry, it would seem the Yard has accumulated sufficient evidence to charge Levy, Turner and Sir Christopher Evans.
See here.

kinglear said...

Told you someone would turn QE

Anonymous said...

kinglear 'someone would turn QE'
..given the number of queens and the amount of evidence available that's a bit like saying if there's enough custard and enough apple pie someone will make apple pie and custard.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that McTernan has just promoted himself to first in line for the lifeboat.