31 March 2007

Collaborative Blogging

For me, a major benefit of blogging is networking and this brings me on to what I think will be the next identifiable phase of blogging. Collaboration. The only thing that makes me uneasy about this prediction is how much ego drives blogging. Most of the big political blogs are run by one person. However, I think this model will be vigorously challenged in the near future.

It is already noticeable that bloggers are collaborating in a variety of ways. A successful example is the magazine style Pickled Politics that currently has nine regular contributors, but looser affiliations such as Blogpower also seem to achieve synergies. Campaign blogs such as Anyone But Ken (all six contributors are on my blogroll) also appear very suited to collaboration.

I don't want to get too distracted ahead of the May elections, but once they have passed, I would like to work with other right-wing bloggers on some collaborative projects. All ideas gratefully received. On the subject of networking, I am meeting an Icelandic Conservative for lunch tomorrow to discuss a blog that he is looking to set up. Should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

I am ready for this Mr PT- I have largely forgotten the exchange we did before whilst I was in Prague due to the assault of absinthe on my senses. Perhaps we should merge our blogs as one?