01 April 2007

Happy Palm Sunday

Not much blogging today. In a minute I'm off to church for Palm Sunday. From 9.30 a group of us will be walking through the Mala Strana (Little Bank) part of town. I'll see if I can squeeze in an early lunch after church. Meeting an Icelandic Conservative at 1 for a coffee to discuss setting up a blog.

Then at 4 I'll be in the last training session before the start of "Hardly Athletic"'s inaugural football season (do you like the logo?). I wanted to sponsor the team, but one unnamed player objected to running around with Praguetory on his back.

At 6.30 I'm meeting up with a couple who are visiting Prague. Me and Ms PT met Jitka at the car rental place last time we were in Birmingham. The coincidences were incredible. They will be getting married in Prague on the same day as us (Sep 8th) and he also proposed this Christmas. Like me and Ms PT they started dating in August and he enjoys reading books and is typically English according to Jitka. Ok, that's all the coincidences so far, but as they (by chance) booked themselves in one of the closest hotels to where we live, we've agreed to meet up and find out what else we have in common. So far I've seen two April fool gags - none here I'm afraid. Laters.


Damon said...

Say one for me at church.... I went this morning and lost the palm cross in the supermarket on the way back! How did the chat go with your ├Źslenska friend?

Cranmer said...

His Grace is delighted to note your attendance at church on the special day, and hopes you shall display your palm cross prominently during this week.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I know that Hotel - but you didn't think it was a coincidence and ask me to marry you when I turned up there (did you?)

Praguetory said...

We were provide with branches not palms!? More on the Icelandic blogosphere in due course. Iceland has 98% internet access and their blogosphere is far more developed than ours. Mutley, I didn't find it a coincidence that you were staying in Angelos hotel, but I did find it a coincidence that you kept calling my girlfriend's phone number and saying wrong number when I picked it up.