06 March 2007

Mutley The Dog's Night Out

When I went out with Mutley last night, I was given two rules by Ms PT. Firstly, no pictures and secondly don’t wake her up when I come back. I met Mutley in his hotel lobby. He had green absinthe stains all down the front of his shirt, but reckoned that he could pass it off as a tie.

Mutley’s colleagues from the Bridport tourist board were knocking about. Diverse bunch - pictured is Marj the shoplifter (check the top of her back). It’s well known that Mutley got his job by ticking the homosexual box so he introduced me as his gay tryst for the evening. I think he gets a bit tired of “caring” and “enabling” his colleagues and he ordered them to get the staff to put them to bed.

Unimaginatively, we ended up in U Buldoka – only skinheads are allowed downstairs (had you heard that Britney’s in town?), but it was quieter upstairs anyway. We started to reflect on blogging. Apparently, Mutley’s been making a fair wedge from ads since he started, but also explained that he’s just found some Albanian sites that guarantee greater riches. Mutley plans to set up a Bridport diaspora website for people like Paul Newman who were forced to leave their home town.

I told Mutley about the Reagan monument in Prague - Mutley is thinking of getting a George Bush done for Bridport. Town twinning is always so competitive isn’t it?

After making a pass at the waitress using his Czech swear list we had to leave. Mutley got to thinking about Ms Honeysmack on the walk home and we tried a few doorbells just in case. (Cyber-appeal - he loves you – can’t you give him another chance?) Anyway, I left him to walk the last bit. Mutters, can let me know whether you got back OK?


Newmania said...

Hey thats me in there terrific I love fame but i have no idea what an astro turfer is...slight problem there....

I `m quite good at being unpleasant though

istanbultory said...

Is Mutley house-trained? Or is he prone to various emissions at unexpected moments as one suspects?

Anonymous said...

This is a little too close to the truth for my liking - it is your fault I was arrested!!


LOL@ passing off stains as a a tie.