05 March 2007

Danny Dewsbury Wins Film Award

Danny Dewsbury is a talented film-maker. I got to know him a little after a cross-party group of bloggers banded together to try to get the Labour Party to honour their obligations towards him.

On Saturday Danny Dewbury won Best Documentary and the Grand Jury Award (given to the best film) at the National Student Film Festival for his film Slave Labour - which is about Danny's time working for the Labour Party.

I've seen the 25 minute film and it is excellent. The Prescott speech at the end was my favourite bit. Danny's not a political animal, but his film raises many important political issues. Danny has accepted my offer to do a guest post here. I don't know what he'll decide to cover, but I am delighted to observe his well-deserved and continuing success. Congratulations.


Guthrum said...

Brilliant ! Well deserved

james higham said...

We'll keep our eyes open for this.

Ellee said...

Thanks for my copy, just arrived. I hope Labour appreciated it too.