13 April 2007

Do You Like Solitude?

Just spent a week in Slovakia. We usually go there for Easter. We got the blessing of the local priest for our marriage and we sorted out the wedding reception, too. Being in Slovakia is a good chance to recharge and get new ideas. One came to mind which I hope to develop after the May elections.

This video is from just outside Ms PT's home village where we stay. Due to the contours of the land, this spot is completely private and can't be seen from the road. A stream runs along the meadow and I love the forested hillside that surrounds the plot. I like solitude and beauty. One day I will build a cottage here. The smells, sights and sounds of nature will be inspirational. It will be a great retreat to have. If people are interested in more posts about Eastern Slovakia, I would be happy to oblige. Let me know if you prefer me to talk politics.


Ed said...

Keep up the Czech and Slovak politics as well as the more familiar British!

Praguetory said...

Hint taken. Will shortly do a piece on the flatter taxes coming in in Czech.

Ed said...

No hint intended - nothing wrong with a bit of countryside now and again!

Matt Ford said...

Mr PT. Have you ever taken a video before?

Dont go into the movie business

and play football more


Praguetory said...

It is my first attempt, kind Mr Ford. Thanks for the encouragement. What time is kickoff today?

Matt Ford said...

it is a six,

regrovady sady