13 April 2007

The Labour Manifesto

As we plumb towards 10 years of Labour government, their record is laid bare for examination and their usual ploy of blaming the Tories doesn't wash. The people behind Tory Radio have had the splendid idea to look at Labour's 1997 manifesto and compare promises to reality. Not pretty, but I recommend a look.


Ed said...

Excellent, I was thinking recently that I'd like to see a fisk of the 97 manifesto!

Matt Ford said...

Yeah well name one government who ever kept its promises? Thats life

and don't say Conservative

Bham Uni CF said...


There is a difference going completely against them like they did with top up fees, 'this government will not bring in top up fees' is the quote and what did it do?

there is a big difference about not being able to keep promises like get classes size below 30, when it could just be too difficult, to actually completely changing a point of view!