13 April 2007

An Election Appeal

A girl advertised on the Internet that she was having a house party and attracted 200 guests. I don't expect to be that successful, but here's my internet appeal.

I'm going to hire a car and will be doing some intense political campaigning throughout the West Midlands between Thursday 26 April and Monday 30 April (when Ms PT arrives in the UK). I have an outline of what I'll be doing and I believe working as a team gets things done better and more enjoyably.

If you'd like to join me on the trail on any given day to assist the Tory cause/share political gossip that doesn't get put on the site, please mail me on praguetory@googlemail.com. We might even do a few video blogs.


james higham said...

One can only dream of these things, Praguetory.

Martine Martin said...

Would love to join you PT but I've got rather a lot of campaigning to do in my own neck of the woods.

Good on you though for doing that!!

BUCF said...

I would love to join you PT unfortunately I am not back at uni until the 1st, a tragedy in itself, we could put something up on our blog though asking people to join you if you were interested? Let me know

Praguetory said...

Might need to get a van as it sounds like I might have three people aboard for some of that weekend. Will contact you nearer the time, if there's likely to be room.