17 April 2007

Health Of The Nation

I've set up a health section in my links bar. A regular commenter here, Mens Sana is a consultant in the NHS. He/she has just started blogging and Mens Sana's commenting style translates to his or her blog we can expect posts that are honest, direct and opinionated. The first post is about doctor's pay - a nice starter for ten.

The wildly successful NHS blog doc - Dr Crippen does some great posts (I especially like his anecdotes) but is also performing a unique role in rounding up the best of the medical blogs.

I've recently become aware of Dr Grumble, another NHS doctor who is a favourite curmudgeon of mine. I particularly like the way that he campaigned strongly against MMC/MTAS and the rapier wit in a recent post about being right all along.

I hope that she won't be offended if I say that Dr Michelle Tempest is an old favourite of mine. In fact, I believe that more than one of her posts have affected me in a positive way. I'm sure I can't say that about many bloggers.

My knowledge of the health sector is fragmented. I'm trying to learn more about the NHS. Does anyone have any other suggested links?


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Delighted to be called an old favourite. It's comments like that make blogging worthwhile. Thank you very much. Michelle

mens sana said...

Dr rant-the devils kitchen of medical blogs
Frontpoint systems

well spotted PT-I thought I'd better stop polluting other peoples blogs!