30 June 2007

Burn Jack Straw

The other day I met a Californian gal who runs a blog called Bohemian Highway from out of Prague. The blog is part personal part ethereal, but her latest entry caught my attention. It focused on burning a Jack Straw man - not the kindest way to welcome him back to Cabinet is it? To summarise.

1. Gather dried brush and leaves to make a Jack Straw man

2. Little slips of paper, with our worst fears written on them, are tied to its frame.

3. Finally, when the sky turns dark, light the Jack Straw guy. Crank the music up.

Do you reckon this will catch on? Does anyone have any other rituals that they find therapeutic?


Tomas said...

What about getting Paroubek outta way by making a voodoo doll and sticking a Pershing model into his ass?

Guthrum said...

seems like a plan