29 June 2007

Congratulations to Rachel Joyce

Splendid news has come in overnight. Fellow blogger and occasional commenter at this site Rachel Joyce has been selected as the Conservative PPC for Harrow West. Married mother of two Rachel has worked as a doctor in the NHS for over 20 years and has cut back her medical work to devote some of her time to helping the Conservative Party.

Given her blog tag line of "evidence-based common sense politics", you won't be surprised to learn that I like both the emphasis and content of her politics. At least as importantly, for a seat like Harrow West (target no 179) is a winning vision. Similarly to Keely Rogers Birmingham Northfield PPC (target 197) ,who I have now had the pleasure to meet briefly, Rachel has palpably got the right attitude in spades. Congratulations and best of luck, Rachel.

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