28 June 2007

Cabinet Highlights

Do you laugh or cry? The only members of the Cabinet to stay in post are Des Browne and Tessa Jowell.


Having demonstrated beyond doubt that she is utterly incompetent at this element of her previous role at the Department of Culture, Media & Sport, it would have made sense to keep her a million miles away from the Olympics. Instead, Tessa has been installed as Olympics Minister! Getting the class dunce to focus on their weak areas is one thing. I call doing the same with running the country wilful negligence.


But surely the most astonishing move of the Brown reshuffle was reserved for Des Browne.
From provincial solicitor to hopelessly out-of-touch Defence Minister, he was on the receiving end of the most damning criticism I have ever read from a predecessor for his inept and damaging handling of the Iranian hostages. Not only has he kept his job, but he has had Scotland added to his brief. I don't know who's going to be more offended - our armed forces or the Scots. The thinking behind this is unfathomable to me. I know that Brown has had problems with the SNP, but surely decaring war on them is a step too far.
There's talk of military coups over at the ARRSE military web forum.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the coup on ARSSE,they guys over there think a coup by Methodists is a better choice.

Guthrum said...

Swiss Tony has been left in post to draw fire off the Lord Protector who has not got a clue how to get us out of this mess, methinks he protesteth too much about his resolution of purpose. His dithering over Iraq allowed Blair to take the country to war, his 'constitutional changes' of allowing Parliament (a faction torn committee)to decide on whether to go to war is a further unwillingness to be responsible for resolute action, hardly Churchillian action today is it !

Sainted George said...

Another perspective on Browne here