16 July 2007

Mike Rouse Digs Deeper

There was a big story at the weekend about a "couple who broke up for financial reasons".

Mike Rouse debated it with one of our mutual blogging mates and decided to do a post on how his views developed in the light of the story - here.

Well, the subject of the original article has contacted Mike Rouse and further altered Mike's perceptions as described in a follow up post. As a result of the turn of events Mike has a much more interesting and rounded story.

In respect of the problems faced by young couples, there is no single remedy or policy solution. In truth, there are several underlying problems that need to be tackled including public housing allocation, taxes, benefits, the overall housing market and crime. David Cameron's promise to put the interests of ordinary families at the heart of policy is an important commitment to getting on top of the malaise.


Ed said...

It is certainly a good idea to "put the interests of ordinary families at the heart of policy" but I wonder why that should mean eye-catching initiatives/red meat for the traditionalists!

He needs a strategy not a series of half-baked policies! (That is supposed to be constructive criticism - I think DC has seen the problem but needs a coherent solution not just £20 a week for marrieds)

Praguetory said...

Absolutely - a cross-departmental platform of coherent ideas is what is needed. But just days after IDS has finalised his report is not the time to panic about not having the package fully wrapped.

Ed said...

Yes you are right, I just worry that we have to be careful not to leave ourselves wide open to attack.

Anonymous said...

You have provided a lot of food for though here again PT. The economy does not work at the bottom low income level anymore - as far as I can see. It depends on illegal labour, bogus benefits claims and the black market...I