16 July 2007

Eastern Slovakia

This is the view from some land I own in Slovakia. We're planning on putting some holiday cottages up on this site. The early reports we have received from our local architects relating to the basic site issues are very encouraging. Never mind being able to afford it, if this land was in the UK, it wouldn't be available for purchase.
In other good news, Slovakia's tax take as a proportion of GDP has now fallen by over 10 percentage points in the last 10 years (Source) to just 29% of GDP whilst industrial production is rising by 17% per annum and GDP growth is pushing double figures. Sounds like a good place to invest unless you're a Socialist and then of course, you won't believe the link between low taxation and economic success. ;-).


Guthrum said...

utterly fab- v.jealous

Ed said...

My mouth is watering at the view and the figures!