05 July 2007

Peace and Disarmament


A future United Europe can only be a force for good in the whole world by making as the United Nations has said, that peace and disarmament are a ways and means to to politics, not some future goal. It means

That all international relations affairs can only be viewed with the question of disarmament and peace as the crucible. Especially in the Middle East, the question is Does what we do enhance peace or make war? Does it advance disarmament or does it contribute to weaponisation?

To make a very cobcrete example - and I am sorry USA fans but here I make some constructive criticisms of USA foriegn policy. Should there be a kind of tripwire missile detection and launching system here in the Czech Republic? If so should it be in the sole control of the USA? I think no and so no to the second as well. President Bush says it contributes to security by promising to shoot down attacking missiles - from where they are flying he does not say. But it also heightens tension with the Eastern countries like Russia to have such powerful weapons systems on their borders. So I say instead approach and make disarmament deals with those countries which might fire those missiles. Then there will be no need for such defences. This peace and disarmament as a policy not a goal.

I am waiting to see who has house room preferably in Londons West End for me to stay for a few weeks this summer...in return you can stay by me in Prague 1, whenever you like.

OK, what say you??

Update May 2010 - this was a joke blog by Robert Chambers aka Mutley the Dog


Anonymous said...
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Lord Straf-Dresden said...

If the U.S. persists with this policy, we over here are going to act and there'll be a new cold war.

Alan said...

You can come and stay at my place.... not too near the West End, but only 2 hours from the East End... if you fly.

Anonymous said...

You can see the dust gathering on this blog PT ,mutley it's suprising what blogs people read even tho they can't comment as an anonymong ,bow wow

Man in a shed said...

A state that cannot defend itself will not be a state for very long.

Would have thought that lesson would have been understood in Prague from 69 years ago or so.

Get the trip wire - buy the tanks and aircraft and look like your just mad enough to use them and you will never have to.