08 July 2007

More On Roman

Thanks for looking after the blog, Roman. Regulars will be pleased to know that Roman shouldn't have invoked my name as a supporter for his deeper EU vision - I think there has been a misunderstanding about what EU reform means. Roman is a veteran of the protest "actions" of 2000 and some of his rebellious youth has persisted in his political DNA. Unfortunately, some of Roman's comments do pass muster in the student bars of red Zizkov. I'd be much obliged if anyone can accommodate Roman in London this August.

As further evidence of the old adage that it doesn't matter who you vote for the government always gets in, the Socialist opposition (CSSD) in Czech (who are in the same EU grouping as the beloved British Labour Party) are calling for a referendum on the EU treatistution whilst the ODS are denying Czechs a say.

Update May 2010 - This set of blogs were assisted by Mutley the Dog aka Robert Chambers RIP


CityUnslicker said...

nice to have you back sir.

Ed said...

Sounds like the Czechs still think that "Europe" is all about the trade and freedoms. They will soon come to realise its true purpose!

Does Roman (or any other Czech activist) really think that Europe should be "unified" by force?

Anonymous said...

I liked Roman! He can come and stay with me in Bridport a mere 7 hours commute to London!!