28 July 2007

Exit Interview

I said that I would respond to any questions on the final comment thread.

Paul the HalfSwiss asked would you rather have eternal good health but no money or eternal riches and suffer a slow and painful existence?

The former. I try not to be a materialistic person.

Matt Revell asked will I still crop up in the comments on other people's blogs?

Almost certainly. Probably less frequently.

Sam Tarran asked whether I'll still be stalking the grounds of the blogosphere?

I shall be spending more time helping out with The Ghost Cabinet. If I get the itch to post, I might ask other bloggers whether I can do a guest blog.

Ed asked when am I coming back?

Not for a while – unless Brown calls a snap GE.

Mutley the dog asked whether I think some of these lefty types take life a bit too seriously?

Thanks for taking care of the site from time to time, Mutley. 42 of my posts are labelled games, but not everyone has a sense of humour. Maybe the NHS can help.

Unity asked whether those nasty labour bloggers bruised my ego?

In the words of Dr. Seuss "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind". So that would be a no. ;-)

Tim asked whether I would suggest that there might be a *conspiracy* against me?

I pointed out the coincidence of receiving 4 comments in half an hour one weekday afternoon from 4 blogging buddies. Conspiracies involve deception or subterfuge, so no I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy.

Tim also asked you didn't have anything to do with Grant Shapps’ campaign in Ealing, did you?

Now who’s talking conspiracies.

This post really is the end. You've had your fill. I'm not publishing comments.

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Newmania said...

Wow , when you were so good at ti as well...I was just looking in for the forst time in ages

Oh well