03 October 2007

Last Day Of Tory Conference 2007

Labour’s Betrayal – Their Promises Mean Nothing

Well before Brown took over, I’d been making the point that because Blair promised to serve a full Parliamentary term, we should have been granted a general election as soon as a new PM took up post. Obviously, Labour betrayed the public both on that promise and on other 2005 manifesto commitments, but they have - in the light of some improved polls - been hyping the idea of an early election.

Natural Instincts Of A Cynical Leader

Brown’s natural instinct would not be to call an election. Can you imagine his fear at being one of the shortest-lived PMs in British history? In addition, he has already signalled that he only has one election in him and having an election would drain much of the power he currently holds over his party and swathes of the civil service like a sword of Damocles. Up until a few days ago, I was pretty sure that the election speculation Labour has been igniting was pure brinkmanship. But under a welter of cynically timed announcements and actual preparations on the ground is it any longer possible for Gordon to step back?

The Case For Labour To Go Now

Don't expect any principled argument here. Having denied us an election on the hand-over of power from Blair to Brown, the arguments around timing are purely psychological and/or party political, not democratic.

Gordon must be acutely aware of the many political landmines that look ready to explode. In the very near distance are striking unions, EU constitution and cattle epidemic issues. When and how other issues on the radar play out such as public sector pay disputes , the West Lothian question and credit crunching is less easy to guess but no less serious.

Moreover, the salient (unintended) consequence of Labour’s games seems to be a sharpening of the Conservative Party’s focus. If war is said to drive technological advances, it seems that the election speculation is proving to be a handy catalyst in the Conservative Party’s quest to get the unity, policies and clarity of message that will be required cometh the polling day. Yet another factor trending in the wrong direction for delay.

Gordon Brown – Well Short Of Being a Statesman

Of course, like any opposition member or supporter I welcome any opportunity to vote for change, but that won’t stop me calling Brown a deceitful opportunist many rungs short of statesman status. Did Thatcher call an election in 1982 at the height of her popularity immediately after the Falklands War? Of course she didn’t, because, unlike Brown, when she said she was getting on with the job she meant it.

Rabbit In Headlights

So the choice for Gordon is to go now and certainly look like a man afraid of what the future has in store for the country or make a humiliating retreat, for which he’ll deserve to be called a big girl’s blouse.

What Brown Stands For

Under Brown and Blair, Labour has embodied drift and deceit. Brown’s taken this further than ever before with an original twist even Blair shied away from - national socialist rhetoric exemplified by the "British jobs for British workers" slogan Gordon recently stole from the BNP.

So What Can Labour Offer?

A snap election would be a mandate election, but what could a Labour party led by Brown offer the country? Whenever there have been difficult decisions, Labour has kicked the issue into the long grass of reports, inquiries and commissions and much of what you’d expect a political party to run on, is tangled in that quagmire.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, this tired government can not offer any fresh thinking and their promises can not be trusted. Never has the need to beat Labour been more pressing - never have their tactics been more base. We must highlight and oppose the many failings of Labour and espouse the alternatives we shall present with passion and conviction. If Brown names his date, we’re ready.

Cameron Speech Update

Focused on what the Conservatives would do and what they stand for. Strong, consistent message demonstrating sound principles and a desire to change things for the better. Why not give us the election you've been hawking, Mr Brown?


Garbo said...

Good hear from you Prague Tory!

Damon Lord said...

Glad to see you back! Are you basck for good?

Dan said...

Welcome back and brilliant post!

Mountjoy said...

great post. Brown has proved what a wimp he is - so much for the 'great clunking fist' that Blair talked about.

Anonymous said...


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