18 July 2007

Ron Paul

Knocking George Bush is a popular activity. Call me unfashionable, but I bear no ill-will towards him. Nonetheless, I do think that he has deeply damaged the Conservative cause by virtue of the profligate state spending he has overseen whilst in government.
However, the daylight between Bush and true conservatism is allowing one man to make an appealing pitch in the US Republican candidacy race. Ron Paul has been preaching the benefits of capitalism, free markets and small government for decades - it is finally striking a big chord with the public. His name is close to the top of all the internet searches and he is the leading candidate on youtube. Pretty addictive stuff. His campaign is pulling young activists into the Republic Party so that they can influence the nomination.

On the downside, his isolationist principles could lead to massive worldwide upheaval, but then again why should other nations be able to free-ride on US military protection? However well-intentioned, the US role as global policeman has infantilised other countries. If Ron Paul's momentum continues maybe it would serve as a reminder that America's politicians over-riding responsibility is to their own electorate.

Not only do I support Ron Paul, if he gets in I might well move to the US. Here's his campaign site.


Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

I've run a number of posts on Ron Paul, perused by a few Americans who made the observation that he ahs no hope.

The reason [not expressed by them per se] is that the forces arrayed against him [easy to see in the aftermath of his debate clanger] are socialistic in nature, masquerading as capitalism.

Capitalism is free. Socialism is for over-regualtion, bureucracy and the erosion of citizen's rights.

These are the people in the driving seat.

Jock Coats said...

Ron Paul, like Milton Friedman, is no conservative, not least in their own parlance!

Ed said...

This is one major advantage of the presidential system over our "mixed" system is that there can be wider debate than is possible here. America can sustain ideological outriders saying things which might turn out to have appeal rather than our more "consensual" approach.

I like it!

tyger said...

if he gets in I might well move to the US

Europe holds its breath.

Actually, if it weren't for the kids, I'd be in the US right now.