17 July 2007

Education Education Education

An omission in my sidebar links that I've been meaning to rectify is the absence (no pun intended) of teacher blogs. Frank Chalk is the best known teaching blog although I find his (?) posts a bit hit and miss. Discouragingly, Frank doesn't link to any teaching blogs in his blogroll. Does he fear competition or does he think they're all boring?

Well, the Tomisswithlove blog certainly isn't boring - just reading it is a white knuckle ride - and would sway any swing parents to keep the kids away from attending an inner city comp. The Darker Side Of Bridget Jones blog gets in the basis of her quality blogroll and comes up with the occasional pearler of a post. But that's it, so far. Calling all blogging teachers, make yourself known.

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Anonymous said...

I know some blogging teachers - but they don't blog about teaching - preferring more escapist themes. I will pass on your search...