10 July 2007

Spreading Democracy?

I'd like to present some facts behind two salient elections in 2005. The UK had a general election and Iraq had its first democratic elections post-Saddam.

UK electorate - C 45 million
Iraqi electorate - C 15 million

UK turnout - C 60%
Iraqi turnout - C 70%

UK Est'd overseas voters - 3 to 4 million
Iraqi Est'd overseas voters - C 2 million

UK overseas votes - unknown - max 17,500
Iraqi overseas votes - 320,000

Us Brits really take democracy for granted, don't we? When we talk about spreading democracy, we should remember that we've also got a lot of homework to do.


Ed said...

Of course elections and democracy aren't the same thing.

In Iraq, people get to vote for their leaders, here they are foisted upon us by the parties.

Praguetory said...

Amen to that comment, Ed.

youdontknowme said...

Our democracy belongs in the 1800s. It's not fit to be called a modern democracy. People would be more involved if we actually had a democracy like Switzerland.

Ed said...

Indeed, although in the 1800s many decisions were taken locally because the Mail didn't whip up "postcode lottery" hysteria if things weren't exactly the same in Burnley as in Bexley.

"Progress" indeed...