25 April 2008

That Flag Does Not Suit You, Sir

Steve Bedser is one of the last Labour councillors in South Birmingham. In his election leaflet he has wrapped himself in the Union Jack in a desperate bid for re-election. This from the party that has brought us a decade of constitutional vandalism that has left us with a dog's breakfast devolution settlement that could tear the union apart.


Anonymous said...

This is sheer hypocrisy and opportunism from the Labour Party. It is they who have despised our nations flag for many many years and now they see it as nothing more than a potential vote attracting gimic !! It is also another clear example of how the Labour Party treat the electorate with contempt. I trust the electorate will see through this scam and vote accordingly !!

matty k said...

This leaflet looks more like a BNP leaflet than anything else. It is a desperate attmept to appear like a nationalist, despite the fact that the left have attempted to destroy even the most subtle forms of english nationalism meaning that we feel enbarassed to celebrate our heritage. this leaflet is a sham and it is a pleasure for me to be able to help Ken Wood get elected in his place

Anonymous said...

a dog's breakfast devolution settlement that could tear the union apart.

I certainly hope so ;)

Man in a Shed said...

Labour are now willing to gamble on a referendum in the hope of gaining political advantage - but only in Scotland.

They have the added hypocrisy of refusing the UK one on being slowly dissolved in the EU through the Lisbon Treaty.