28 April 2008

Vote Conservative This Thursday

The national picture shows a Labour Party that can find £50 billion to prop up banks, but whacks the low paid for an extra £7 billion by doubling the tax rate for them. A government that tries to deny rights to the families of dead soldiers whilst indulging hardened criminals. A cabale that lectures on democracy, but won’t keep its referendum promise. But when you come to vote on Thursday, it will be for local representation. What Birmingham Conservatives have achieved is a microcosm, but worth repeating.

When Labour was kicked out of Brum in 2003 we had worsening council services, rising council taxes and behaviour from some of their politicians that would disgrace a banana republic.

Under the progressive partnership Birmingham council has risen from the indignity of being a zero star local authority to reach three stars whilst keeping council tax rises below the rate of inflation. We are holders of the ‘Cleanest City’ award beating 65 other cities.

Men and women of integrity, the current City Cabinet have hardly put a foot wrong. A vote against the Progressive Partnership that runs Brum offends common sense.

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