19 May 2009

Behind The Curve & Ahead Of The Curve

It is difficult to gauge the mood when events move so quickly. In spite of following the progression of many a political scandal, I was slow to appreciate the political impact of the Expensegate and as a result I have a somewhat painful bet hanging which depends on Labour's performance at the upcoming Euros.

On the other hand, a thread that I started a week ago on Michael Martin - where John Hemming MP indicated his support for attempts to remove the speaker and which attracted some half-hearted criticism from a local Labour blogger now appears ahead of the curve. Congratulations Douglas Carswell MP.

On a related note, do you think now would be a good time for the Daily Telegraph's whistleblowing source to reveal their identity? Update - Police will not prosecute. 2nd Update - John Wick deserves congratulation, but in the MPs' expenses maelstrom some people are losing perspective. For example, where is the scandal in this case?

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Anonymous said...

I think you were spot on and called it correctly. You are ahead of the game and shouldnt be ashamed to say so.

absolutely not to the revealing the indetiny fo the source. This is a cross party and systematic issue - who started it is not important