07 July 2009

Poor Choice Of Words From 'Sorry' Liam Byrne

In an attempt to pre-empt David Cameron's quango-slaying, Liam Byrne graced us with this ridiuclous utterance.
I am determined that every penny of public money goes to front-line services.

Setting aside the impossibility of this aspiration, here is a man who can't even ensure the legitimacy of all the (extortionate amounts of) money he claims as an MP! Exhibit one and exhibit two.

A propos de rien, here's a good story about Liam Byrne from the guys in the Dixon estate agents below his constituency office in Hodge Hill. Remember when he claimed how remorseful he was when he was caught using a mobile whilst driving. Well the press were gathered at his work the day after he was convicted. As he breezed through the Dixon offices - whilst smirking - he gestured being on the phone and driving. Liam, like me, they think you're a twunt.


Andrew Norris said...

Byrne is a man who gives politics a bad name. He reminds me of a buttered eel - too slippery for his own good. How he's survived in office for so long is beyond me.

James Barlow said...

Whenever I hear people in public life talking about "front line services" I wonder whom they regard as the enemy, and what was the cause of their fight.