05 July 2009

Reinstate Lisa

Lisa Greenwood has lost her job for posting an anonymous blog comment critical of Hazel Blears expenses. Source. A few points.

1. The comment was anonymous so it can't 'bring the department into disrepute'.
2. Most politicians I've heard have told us that MP expenses are not a party political issue, so how can calling the behaviour of one MP into account be considered to be party political?
3. Will people from Ed Balls department who criticised Conservative politicians be brought to book in a similar manner?
4. After her recent behaviour, when will Damian McBride's gf be departing her job?

A civil servant has every right to a private opinion and I think we should all be able to call a politician a disgrace without censure. Add your name in the comments if you think we should get a campaign going to reinstate Lisa.

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