20 July 2010

Golden Boy

I didn't expect to be saying this, but my firstborn has bowled me over. Adam is, without doubt, the cutest baby. He's only 2 months, but has been smiling since he was 3 weeks old. Of course, he will smile back at you now, but he also smiles with his eyes - and melts your heart in the process.

He's also been able to hold his head up since a very young age and flatters you with his full attention by lifting his head and staring at you when he's lying down on his front.

He's a real water baby who loves being washed. Even at his baptism he didn't cry. This picture of Adam in the bath turned out beautifully.

I can happily spend hours watching Adam sleep. In between him mouthing something or other and waving his arms about, he looks like this.

Dads can sometimes feel useless, but I found my niche as a winding specialist. I would tap or rub his back to try to get trapped air to rise. Thing is Adam started to massage me back. That's what he is doing in this picture.

How cute is that? To cap off, he was looking pretty alert and aware of the camera in this photo which I have made my facebook profile for now.

My personal view is that the time of maximum cuteness has passed - we shall see.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't worry, they get cuter and cuter up to about seven years old and then it tails off gradually.

Guthrum said...

Congrats to you both