13 October 2006

Lib Dems You Like

The Lib Dems I like section on my links is a little thin. Witty and intelligent, Chris Black has a cool blog and has been an excellent contributor to this site. Jock Coats in spite our differences (he makes me look like Mussolini in the libertarian stakes) is a true thinker and has been of genuine support especially in the area of Land value tax, which I support.

But my recent sojourns into the world of Lib-Dem blogs have been less edifying - in fact I can't be bothered any more. So I want to hear of other Lib Dems I might like. Please give a reason. I promise to peruse the recommendations and the best suggestion will definitely get a link (wow the baubles are so enticing). I hope nobody finds this find-a-decent-dem-blog search irritating. If so, just send me links to some terrible ones. I'm going to leave this open until Saturday morning.


Chris Black said...

Oh, so many to pick from. But how about:

Jonathan Calder's Liberal England - very readable

Forceful & Moderate. is stylishly produced. Although I don't always agree with it, it has changed my viewpoint on one or two issues.

Millennium Elephant looks daft at first sight, but is perceptive and often funny. Stick with it.

Inner West deals with some serious issues in a sober manner.

Praguetory said...

I'm sorry but Millennium Elephant falls at the first hurdle with this post. Go back to utopia, do not pass go, do not give prisoners £18,000 a year! I'll take a look at the others later.

Croydonian said...

What was it General Sheridan said about good Indians?

(not intended entirely seriously)

istanbultory said...

I am not one for perusing the blogosphere of Lib Dem evil doers. But there is one I occasionally take a glance at:

The author is often a bit on the dry side. Yet his ruminations can also be witty, perceptive and even informative. I am sure he wouldn't appreciate a recommendation from the likes of me. Istanbultory is now operative. Do drop by!

Praguetory said...

I've fallen in love with forceful or moderate almost immediately. It's really well written and chimes. Just need to sober up.