02 September 2008

A Slight Return

Arriving Back From Planet Zog

Spending a week in the nether regions of darkest Slovakia put me in a media black hole, so getting up to date with news events is a bit like arriving back from planet Zog. My worthwhile decision to take a summer break from blogging heightens the sense of catch up. Despite being in recess the Labour government naturally continues to lurch from crisis to crisis to crisis – as I’ve been saying since Blair was PM, it seems that Labour’s strategic line of argument is ‘Yes, we’re crap, but so are all politicians’ - presumably banking on tagging the Tories with the (insert epithet) label at election time as usual. With their characteristic lack of self-awareness, Liberal Conspiracists are accusing right-wingers of being negative campaigners – apparently we are scum of the Earth who should be copied!

KP - Born Winner

Unfortunately, Labour’s pessimistic views seem to have infected other areas of British public life. I have never been a great fan of Michael Vaughan especially as a one day player, so it’s been instructive to see the difference that Kevin Pietersen’s captaincy has already made. Simply put, Kevin Pietersen is a born winner and the little extra he has got out of the team in the 1st ODI created all sorts of pressures on the South African opposition. If a top-class sportsman had succumbed in a similar style to South Africa in the second match, some would be calling it a nervous breakdown.

Uniquely Poorly Placed

Re economic trends, local and globally, it’s all getting more than a bit embarrassing for Labour and those whose credibility as economic commentators depends on Labour success (hat tip Anatole Kaletsky). Thanks to his profligate spending and catastrophic disaster management, George W Bush has done little for the wider conservative cause during his reign, but it still caused me some delight to see the BBC World News reporter choking on news of robust economic growth in the US economy. Back in the UK, the debate the Chancellor started a few months ago about whether the country is ‘uniquely well placed’ as we head into an economic downturn is becoming increasingly one-sided – Darling himself seems to have swapped teams. The risible Leftie argument that states are powerless in the face of increased globalism is turned on its head when major sources of employment and tax revenues haemorrhage to business friendly neighbouring countries.

Annihilating The Labour Party

The silver lining for British conservatives is that the increasingly sharp and violent rebukes globalisation delivers to ‘hands-on’ government/economic protectionism may be the catalyst for the annihilation of the Labour Party (New or Old) whose adherents subscribe to an archaic philosophy wholly unsuited to the 21st century. I still hear an attachment to the idea that large majorities lead to poor government, but I find that I am generally succeeding in running that out of fellow Conservatives – with the possible exception of Frank Field every unseated Labour MP is axiomatically progress.

Blinded By The Light

I’m particularly happy with John McCain’s choice of running mate and the predictably disgusting Left-wing reaction. It seems that Barack does not have the capacity to rein in Democrat attack dogs – in terms of counter-productive viciousness, the Left is at its worst when faced with an opponent who doesn’t conform to their stereotypes (here in the UK a certain attractive nurse raised on a Liverpool council estate can take a bow). Sarah Palin’s stratospheric approval levels show that social and economic Conservatives can be wildly popular without compromising their core beliefs.

In Defence Of Corruption

Sticking with international affairs, but at the other end of the evolutionary scale political spectrum, the crypto-Communist idiot who is also the Slovakian head of state is endorsing state corruption and in doing so is following a sad and predictable path. Which brings me to Georgia – a state that has in recent years shown great progress in terms of democracy and economic freedom - the sort of state we should be supporting. The neglected credo of ‘peace through strength’ has never been more relevant. Having vetoed Georgia’s membership of NATO and exposed Western weakness the sight of Sarkozy shuttling to and from Moscow sticks in the throat.

2008 Party Conference

Wherever I look, parables are being played out that support my world view and reveal the desperation and bankruptcy of the so-called alternatives to freedom and capitalism. Did I mention that I shall be at Conservative Party conference this year? – after all I live just around the corner. In fact, the turret in Praguetory Towers is a perfect sniper position (joke). At my last conference in Bournemouth I attended back-to-back Fringe events, but I intend to be a bit more of a social butterfly this time, so I may be lighter on political analysis but I should have some good photos and stories. In the meantime, I’ll be limbering up with the occasional blogpost.

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