25 August 2010

Ferry Cross The Mersey

Defecting between the major parties is something I find a little incomprehensible in general. The funny thing is that most of the individual decisions are even less easy to understand. As we might expect, the BBC has taken to reporting council level defections which is how I found out about this oddity.

Here's what the BBC reports.
Mr Jobling, who was first elected in 2003 and is a member of Merseyside Police Authority, said the proposed cuts to the police force had really bothered him.

So lemme get this straight. A Lib Dem defects to Labour because of proposed cuts to the police force. This is confounding on so many levels? To name 3

1. Why was he a Lib Dem in the first place if policing is his number one issue?
2. Where did he get the idea that Labour is the law n order party?
3. Why did he have to wait so long to jump ship? It's been clear for months that due to the previous Labour overspending, budgets would need to contract in all departments but health and international development.

In a word, odd.

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